New Terrain Pieces

So…it has been some time since we have been able to bring you new terrain options for your game table.  The tinker gnomes went to Gen Con 50, and they came back with new ideas.   Here are some new offerings, just in time for Black Friday!  Head over to the online store to pick them up.

TR-C-48: Skull Fountain
TR-S-50: Dragon Shrine
TR-S-49: 2×2 Corner door
TR-C-47: 4×4 Flooded Tile (Flooded pattern will vary)
TR-902: Foot Bridge (2″ x 6″)


We are also pleased to offer two new box sets.

Have your PC’s been bad?  Or perhaps they need a place to put the evil henchmen while they go looking for the mastermind.  Either way, a jail is just what you need for your next adventure.

TR-X-12: Jail with flagstone floors

Our second new set contains those Odds and Ends to help fill in the gaps in your dungeons.

TR-X-13: Odds and Ends (Smooth and Cobblestone partial pieces)


As always, special orders and designs are available upon request.   To be notified of new releases, subscribe by sending us an email to